Deathloop Video Game Review

Deathloop Video Game Review

I have never played Deathloop. I have played many games similar to it, including Dishonored and Hitman. Outer Wilds and Dark Souls are all good examples. But nothing has ever combined so many different ideas to make something that is so unique. The game’s endless looping day, which you must break by killing eight targets, is a place for engaging gunplay, fascinating investigation work, satisfying experimentation and even intense multiplayer standoffs. Deathloop is a clockwork machine built by Developer Arkane Studios that confidently roars, rather than quietly hums. More at

The eight Visionaries are your targets. They have settled on Blackreef, a grey and cold island that has been infused with 1960s fashion, architecture and technology. Your protagonist Colt is a hilarious and sarcastic gunslinger who wakes up every morning on the island’s freezing shore. His amnesia prevents them from understanding how they got there or how long they have been looping. Surprisingly, the clock doesn’t keep you awake at night. Instead, your objective is to stop the cycle. Take out all targets before the clock resets. They’ll all be resurrected. Deathloop made the smartest decision by dividing its day into four times periods: morning, noon, afternoon and night. You can stay in each one for as much or as little time as you like. Blackreef offers four distinct districts that you can visit during each time period. You have the freedom to explore Deathloop’s hidden secrets and take your time.

There are still complications. It’s difficult to kill all your targets in a given time period or location. You will need to gather them together in order to kill more than one. You must investigate their lives and schedules. This took me around 20 hours. I discovered Blackreef’s fascinating secrets and learned interesting details about my adversaries. Finally, I orchestrated a satisfying solution to ensure that every one of them dies before midnight.

Although Deathloop uses a “live-die, repeat” system, it is best to view it as a temporal metrixvania and not something that is very similar to a roguelike. Information is the main currency of Deathloop. As you pursue objectives and uncover new leads, clues will help you unlock doors and new opportunities in places you have previously visited in both time and space. Arkane tradition has these areas as being intricately detailed and rich in personality. Karl’s Bay is home to an obsessive cult, which follows one Visionary. Its cavernous, rusting hangars are perfect for setting up ambushes. Fristad Rock is a more modern alternative, offering a great challenge to your infiltration skills.

Deathloop, despite its seemingly infinite complexity, is one of my favorite games. Arkane Studios created a world that is connected by meaningful connections. Space influences space, tactics influences tactics, and loadouts influence loadouts. Arkane Studios’ unique and high-concept ideas about time loops, non-linear investigation work, and loadouts are executed with elegance. This makes it feel easy to use, learn from, master, and navigate. Deathloop is an exceptional game that Arkane and other developers who have created similar games can aspire to.